Production Notes:
Another preliminary Filmaka submission, this time for the "Smoke & Mirrors" theme, for which it earned us the right to compete in the finalist category, with the follow up short "Hide And Seek."

Some technical issues aside, this shoot was a lot of fun, especially for the chainsaw scene. For that, I enlisted some extras (read: friends willing to help me out), but not as many as one would think to create a scene of pandemonium with screaming and cell phones recording the event that worked amazingly with as little as six extras, dark mood lighting, and basically everyone in the crew but the boom operator getting in on the fun by screaming in horror for eleven seconds of mayhem.

Rick Dolishny took our little production to greater heights with the smoke effects for the final scene, for which I recall us doing take after take to get just the right angle for the paper ball to be tossed in the air and "disappear" - harder than it sounds.

I also fondly recall gathering the magician's cape (nothing more than a velvet curtain from a thrift store) and the cheapest looking top hat I could find from a costume store. Eric and Jean were a delight to work with for the first time and it was great to have Sandra out again.

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