Filmed from the Sutherland Shire side at the boat ramp using the NoMo Jello mount (wire rope stabilisation) of Tom Ugly's Bridge which first opened 11 May 1929.

When the bridge was opened, it was the longest bridge in Australia. This bridge goes over the beautiful Georges River which is south of Sydney.
Tom Uglys Bridge took its name from the geographical feature at the northern end of the bridge, known as Tom Uglys Point.
There are several theories about the origin of the name of the point. All the theories involve a distortion of the name of either a local European or Aboriginal resident of the area.
The 1929 bridge consists of six steel truss spans forming a total length of 499 m (545 yards). The second concrete bridge which opened on 17 October 1987, was built adjacent to alleviate traffic congestion.
Anyway soon I will have my FPV setup which will give me more chance to fly further away and show more sites around the southern parts of Sydney.

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