Kande's Story
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Kande’s Story is a true-to-life story based on accounts told by an African pastor about children in his community. Kande is a 12 year old African girl whose father and then mother die of AIDS. She and her five siblings are left orphans and must fend for themselves. The story tells of the many problems and dangers they face just trying to live. It tells how people in their community, especially people from the local church, helped them in their time of need. They also learn that by following God’s instructions for living, they can avoid getting AIDS themselves or spreading it to others. They learn how to love and care for those affected by the disease, working for justice for widows and orphans.

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Kande’s Story, How community can love and cure for people affected by AIDS, Facilitator Manual
Written by Kathie Watters and Margaret Hill

Illustrations by: MBANJI Bawe Ernest
© 2007, 2009, 2012 (electronic only) SIL International

Produced by SIL Burkina Faso (01 BP 1784, Ouagadougou 06, Burkina Faso - Tel. (226) 50 36-48-51)

Stories and illustrations adapted from the Kande Stories,
Books 1-5 © 2004 Shellbook Publishing Systems

© 2012 SIL International

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