'Bildraum' are a group of artists who all work within a film and photography related practice. As part of a collaborative, each artist has produced a piece of work focused around the idea of geometric shapes and light to create one installation.

Light exists across all dimensions, as a solid presence and a fluid one. The awkward tensions and contrasts between the light and its choice in location create a dynamic and ever morphing conversation. The presence of light is transcendental, and allows a moment of nostalgia: of reminiscence. It creates a conversation that is omnipresent - an everlasting experience. There are layers of imagery and forms, which play with the subtle details in their surroundings, allowing light to enter their structure. Connections become visible and disappear at the same time. They are like snapshots of a movement of an indefinite duration. The beginning and end are not visible, only some blurred connection points are to be sensed.

Image is a powerful medium, and by transforming these images into projections, they create large scaled interactive spaces. By combining the still image with motion, the juxtaposed forms create new experiences that the audience can be a part of. Projections of images in the space are immersive and easily accessible. The combination of mediums projected to large scale creates a true illusory experience.

Collaborating Artists:
Megan McCann
Jessica Melling
Emy Mills
Danny Williams
Claire McAloon
Lena Wurz
Stelios Tzivas
Natalie Kynigopoulos
Kamila Machel

For photographs: cargocollective.com/meganmccann/Bildraum-Collaborative-NEW-March-2013

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