Career change, career coaching and career advice in London.
Philippa Kreyer-Peake talks about the services offered by Opportune Careers.

Transcript of video:

Hello. Thanks for coming to look at our website. I am Philippa Kreyer-Peake and I am one of the consultants here. We offer career coaching for people looking at raising their profile within an existing company. We also help people look at new career paths and exit strategies from companies and we can assist people whose jobs have been made redundant.

I suppose the big question that you are asking yourself is” Why should I invest in coming to see Opportune?

Well we can help you in a variety of ways;

The single most important, I believe, is energising you into what options are available to you and then helping map out the best route to move forward. We are there throughout the whole process and constantly in contact with you.

We also help you to network, teaching you how to do it and how you can find it a rewarding experience and not to be feared.

Naturally we can create a dynamic CV, but also we teach you what interviewers are really looking for and how to answer those awkward questions.

We offer a free half hour session for you to come along and meet with us at our office on Fleet Street in London and to decide for yourself whether we are the right fit for you.

I look forward to welcoming you to our office.

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