This is a film and book project by Felix Weigand. Typography, graphic design
and film meet in the story of Tara and Ohio, who, guided by the Oracle and
misguided by the Dot are looking for the sign «X», that should lead them to
the exit.

The plot:

How on earth did Tara and Ohio end up in this bizarre place, that is
full of signs, symbols and fragments? They haven’t got a clue. They
are looking for the sign «X», that should lead them to the way out.
Guided by the Oracle with its mysterious riddles and distracted by the
Dot, that always comes up with new obstacles, the story evolves into
a thrilling adventure movie. In a world of full of strange filmsets, like
the wellness pyramid, the mono-thematic supermarket or the room
of signs, the wonderful characters are full of miracles and often find
themselves in comical situations, strange number-orbits or a babylonian
language mash.

All this will lead up to a a genre-mix somewhere between drama,
adventure, sci-fi and graphic animation, a grand declaration of love to
our complex and absurd modern world. There will the movie and the
book to the movie at the same time.

Formally the film consists out of four elements: installations, that serve
as film sets. Graphic animations (the Dot), performative elements
(the Oracle) and filmed scences (Tara and Ohio). The combination of
these various genres allows for a playful and fresh approach to the
medium film.

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