After more than 10 years being involved in and helping european skateboarding, CARHARTT Europe had decided, around 2004-2005, to make their first ever skateboarding video which was going to become SPEKTRA. SPEKTRA got released in february 2009. They first hired Henrik Edelbo, a skateboarder and filmmaker from Copenhagen, also team rider to work on this project, and along the way, i also got hired to re-inforce that 2 men army of skateboarder/filmmaker and co-directed this multifaceted project with Henrik, reaching a total of 11 films on the final DVD. Here's the "official" trailer on this project.

Directed by: Henrik Edelbo and David Couliau
Filmed by: Henrik Edelbo and David Couliau
Edited by: David Couliau
Voices of: Pontus Alv and Scott Bourne
Motion graphics: Stefan Narancic

Music by:

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