"You pick the one periphery song WITHOUT any screaming to cover?!?"
'Yeah, so?"
"Why didn't you do a real brootal metal track with some death growls?1?"
"Mostly to challenge myself to record at Spencer's stupidly high vocal range and NOT use any auto tune, Melodyne or pitch correction."
"Well it definitely shows..."
"Hey shut up. You're mean."
"I'm just being honest, like any self-respecting internet dood would be."
"Why can't you be more constructive with your feedback and just enjoy the song and the kittenz?"
"Well it is a pretty adorable kitten."
"Thank you....at least we agree on something."
"...But you still suck!"
"I'm aware."

Aaaaaand scene.

Stuff used:
Reaper DAW
Presonus Firestudio
Shure SM7b
Amp Energy
Annie and her stupid cute face
Double tracking
NOT pitch correction

Standard copyright fine print stuff:
I DON'T OWN THIS SONG! All original music belongs to Periphery, WMG, [Merlin] IDLA, and Koch Entertainment.

Produced by Periphery, Misha "Bulb" Mansoor & Adam "Nolly" Getgood
All music written by Periphery
All lyrics written by Spencer Sotelo
Engineered & mixed by Taylor Larson at Oceanic Recording
Additional Engineering by Will Donnelly
Mastering by Logan Mader
Guest guitar solo on "Erised" by John Petrucci of Dream Theater

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