This is a test time-lapse using the Automatic Bulb Ramping on the Timelapse+. I'm very happy with the performance of the Timelapse+ but not so happy with the amount of noise in the later part. It was a rather hazy night too, so despite no moon, the stars were still a bit dim.

I had set the Timelapse+ to auto-ramp using Bulb+ISO, and not aperture. The reason I didn't have it change the aperture was because at least on my Canon EF16-35 f/2.8L, there is a notable change in vignetting and distortion across the aperture range. The next step is to work ND filters into the mix to avoid that problem.

I set the Camera (EOS 5DmkII) to f/16 and ISO 50, and had the Timelapse+ start out with a bulb time of 1/20s. It then ramped up to 16s, f/16, ISO 12800. The interval was set to 20 seconds.

One thing I haven't tried it the noise reduction in camera for long exposures. I'd have to increase the interval for that, but maybe that would help.. I just know the noise in this test was way too much -- there are a few "extra" stars plus flicker from the variance in noise.

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