journal de corps is K622’s current project
it starts from my diary about body
it'll stages 3 states in 3 acts: discovery, power, corpus

I collected during years, thoughts, visual memories, impressions and all kinds of feelings that I knew I would one day explore further and attempt to choreograph

act I - discovery - is trying to make spectacular some body perceptions. it is an outing of an in. a perpetual discovery, tasting of what the body tells or do, individually or with other bodies - 2008

act II - power - is, through 6 dance soli, showing expression of power: seduction, strenght, virtuosity, nuisance, tyrany - 2009

act III - to be created in 2010


since june 2008, we are creating the project, step by step. in march 2009, we’ve finished the 2nd act and premiered it at Centre des Arts d’Enghien-les-Bains, where the company is in residency.

in the video :
dancers : julien andujar, agnès coutard, anne laurent, roberto martinez, maud pizon, emmanuelle santos
musicians - ensemble 2e2m : laurent camatte, pascal contet, jean-philippe grometto, pierre-stéphane meugé, pascal robault, ingrid schoenlaub

many media are in conversation, colaborators are:
choreography : Mié Coquempot
composition: Pascal Contet
visual art: Natacha Nisic
interaction designer: Cyrille Henry
lightning designer: Françoise Michel
stage manager : Christophe Poux
costumes : Akiko Takebayashi

performance filmed on the 4th of march 2009

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