Often referred to as "the miracle flower of the Holy Land," the Rose of Bethlehem blossoms for eternity. For the first time, a unique line of hand-made jewelry, with a Rose of Bethlehem set in a variety of pendants, is now available to the public.

Combining style and elegance, The Rose of Bethlehem jewelry line uses an actual natural flower set in a designer pendant. Just a few drops of water and within minutes, the Rose of Bethlehem blossoms , coming back to life in a miraculous way. It closes a few hours later but can bloom again and again by adding water.

Growing in the Judean Desert for thousands of years, those who wear it while it is open describe increased energy, vitality, radiance, blessings and good tidings. The "miracle flower" has remained a mystery for centuries, and its existence was only known to a selected few.

Each rose is hand-picked and placed in the jewelry. The roses are not colored or treated and remain in their natural state.

Connect yourself to the magic of the Rose of Bethlehem.

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