We asked our customers to submit questions about our products on Facebook. On this video we will cover the following questions:

00:52 - Natasha: What products would you recommend to a woman who wants to increase immunity and get more energy?

04:51 - Sisko: What’s the best product before and after exercise? Why?

07:55 - Antti N: What’s the best way to use medicinal mushrooms? Should you use on them in consecutive days? Should you use one at the time or mix them? Is it better to use a lot of one selected mushroom or a bit of all kinds of mushrooms?

10:14 - Q1: What is the best ever?
10:35 - Q2: How much Instant can one consume at a time? If I go party during the weekend, can I take up to 1-2 boxes per day? I know reishi protects the liver so should I even mix it with hard alcohol?
12:28 - Few of your products contain licorice root that has is known to increase blood pressure. Should I be worried?

14:36 - Hanna: Can pregnant women, nursing women and toddlers use your products as well? Is there something special one would need to consider?

17:38 - Antti V: Which one of your products has been the biggest accomplishment to yourself? Why?

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