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"Das Alte Böse Wir" (The Bad Old Us) isn't a film about a hero.
This is a film about a bystander.
Our goal is to illuminate the psychology of a person that turns away, pulls down the blinds, when faced with injustice.
We don't wish to glorify it, but to understand it.
In empathizing, and recognizing the impulse in ourselves, we hope to inspire the opposite.

The film will be between 15 to 20 minutes, production begins end of June.
We're shooting 16mm black and white film and the aesthetic will have a surrealist touch.
Because we are depicting crowd-mentality, the film requires a lot of extras. Which in turn, increases all our transportation, food, location, costume costs and more.
We hope to raise enough money to supplement the small budget we receive from the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Every dollar counts in making this film possible.

For more information, synopsis etc. you can visit our website.
Thank you for your time and interest,

Das Alte Böse Wir Team

Writer/Director: Lily Erlinger
Cinematographer: Anne Bolick
Producer: Alina Schäfer
Bianca Laschalt

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