The Insomniac City Cycles (trailer)
Directed written and produced by Ran Slavin. Israel 2009
Fiction. 70 minutes. Language english. English and/or hebrew subtitles.

Film Synopsis: In a bustling Tel Aviv, a man suffering from insomnia tries to figure out how he came to be shot in one the city's underground parking lots. He no longer knows what is real or a dream while the city increasingly reflects his condition.
A young woman wakes up in a hotel room in Shanghai from a similar dream by a mysterious phone call.
A fragmented conversation with a stranger who seems to also be her lover, rolls into a dazed odyssey in what seems like another coil amidst the sci-fi and dark cityscapes of Shanghai and Tel Aviv.

The Insomniac City Cycles oscillates between film noir and science fiction, between a known reality and a sensorial one. The film is an interlaced mix of a dark and bizarre psychological drama exploring a form of sensorial twilight zone.

The Insomniac City Cycles is a cyclical cinematic project in 4 parts that started in 2004 as Insomniac City.
A 40 minute version of it functions as a synchronized 3 channel installation.
The Insomniac City Cycles is the new 4th and final chapter that raps all of the previous versions together into a 70 minute narrative film.

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