This video shows an EV (Electric Vehicle) Scooter I built as a pet project, as lets face it internal combustion engines are so last year :)

The powerplant consists of a 6S 5000mah Lipo battery, a brushless electric R/C airplane motor (chain drive) and an R/C speed controller. As I suspected there are some low end torque / power band issues due to the fact that these components are not designed to drive a scooter but rather a propellor on an R/C plane. That said the performance all things considered is still quite impressive (especially once you get past 1/2 throttle).

As for the reason asto why the low end torque is not to greatr well this is due to the fact that that there is no feedback between the motor and the esc and thus the motor and esc can easily get out of phase especially at start up when the load is very high. So what I do is give the scooter a little bit of a kick start and ease into the throttle a bit until I get ot about 1/3 in. After that you can push it and feel the power :)

For this test I only used one battery but I have another one which when connected in parallel will give me twice the range. The ESC I am using is actually rated for 12S so I could also connect the two batteries in series which will double the wattage to near 5000W but I think that will be too much power as to be honest is quite fast/powerful/scary enough at this point :)

So the only real weakness is low end torque so I may look for a better ESC (with feedback) but for now this one works well enough for my needs.

It also has some pretty powerfull LED night lighting which I have yet to try out.

Special Note: As mentioned in the video the speedometer readings are incorrect. They never get past 28KM despite hitting this at about 1/2 throttle. I will try to fix this but I suspect it might be due to magnet passing the sensor to quickly due to the small 8" wheel diameter in which case ther may not be any resolution other then changing out the speedometer.

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