This is a beginner's tutorial to show how to draw and animate using Version 3.0 of the DoInk Animation and Drawing app for the iPad. This tutorial describes reviews the vector drawing tools of our app and shows how to animate using a flip book style of animation.

New features in Version 3.0 include photo import, a text tool, and a new user interface designed to maximize workspace. Also "Help" bubbles have been added to aid new users.

**Featured - App Store Essentials: Painting & Drawing
**Editor's Choice Award - Children's Technology Review
**Featured "Success" story in iPhone/iPadLife: "Best Apps for Learners"

"Probably the best animation iPad app we have had the pleasure of using. Like all the best iPad apps, its simplicity is a key strength. Regardless of your skill level DoInk, with its powerful vector tools, key framing and bezier curve editing should keep you entertained for some time to come." - iPadCreative

Key Features & Benefits
• easy-to-use, yet powerful vector drawing tools
• simple enough for doodlers, with advanced features for skilled artists
• flipbook-style animating - great for beginning animators
• keyframe animating (Flash-like) - graduate to powerful animation techniques
• create motions paths by dragging your finger - easy to make sophisticated animations
• publish H.264 movies & PNG images - view on your iPad or share to YouTube
• extensive collection of reusable art "props" (stated and animated)

Drawing Editor:
• create frame-by-frame animations or single-frame vector artwork
• vector paint brush (with powerful vector-based drawing modes)
• curve smoothing
• fill tool
• geometric shape tools (rectangles, ellipses, polygons, stars, flower shapes)
• transform/scale/rotate/arrange tool
• advanced bezier shape editing
• custom color palette
• 10x zoom for precise drawing
• two-finger pan and zoom
• frame 'ghosting'

Composition Editor:
• drag & drop your drawings to place on canvas
• easy-to-use key-framing for timing, position, rotation and scale
• intuitive timeline (similar to iMovie or GarageBand)
• nest compositions within compositions for complex animation effects
• opacity control

Export Options:
• animations rendered in H.264 on your iPad
• drawings rendered to PNG format
• export directly to your Mac or PC via iTunes
• save to the "Saved Photos" album for easy sharing to YouTube and e-mail

Created by the team behind, an animation site of 400,000 users worldwide who created 2 million pieces of art and Doink Express app for creating animated clips using photos, drawings, art "props", animations and sound.

Yellow Bird and DoInk Octopus Art was created by Priscilla Alpaugh Cotter

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