On his long journey, intergalactic space trucker Eugene occupies himself with mail-ordering various useless gadgets to support his lazy lifestyle. When his merchandise is attacked by a nasty disease, his little robot Han-D can no longer handle the workload. The new high-tech robot saves the merchandise at first, but when it starts taking its job too seriously, Eugene's laziness and belief in technology turn against him.

Lost Cargo, a digital shot stop-motion film, is the debut film of Belgian directors Pieter Engels and Efim Perlis.

This Dutch - Belgian co-production between il Luster Productions and S.O.I.L sets the standard for digitallly shot stop-motion films. Together with Dutch based animation studio PEDRI Animation they produced not only a funny short film, but also a technically superb piece of art.

This film is coproduced in association with the RNTV, who also distributes the film.

Running time: 15 min.
Release (date): march 2006
Director: Pieter Engels
Key animation: Efim Perlis, Steven De Beul, Pieter Engels
Producer(s): Arnoud Rijken & Michiel J. Snijders
Co-production with: Geert van Goethem & Linda Sterckx for S.O.I.L.
Animation studio: Pedri animation
Foley and effects: Senjan Jansen, Senstudio. Olivier Thys, Dame Blanche
Financial Support: Dutch Filmfund, The Flanders Filmfund, ThuisKopie Fonds, Radio Netherlands Television (RNTV), VPRO television

Many THANKS to METROPOLISFILM for re-digitising the old Digibeta for VIEMO!

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