This bright and engaging advertising tool will draw in new customers with its innovative & eye-catching design. Scribo boasts many advantages over the traditional chalkboard as well as being:

Plug and Play
Energy efficient
Erasable and Reusable
Easy to install & maintain
Whatever the location, Scribo is an effective advertising tool that will help your business, get more business.
Eye catching and attention grabbing, SCRIBO is a creative and updated alternative to the chalkboard. The LED display and neon signage will illuminate your shop window or front in an eco-friendly way whilst allowing you to wipe away and rewrite as you choose. The marker pens provided have neon pigments in the ink and this, combined with the LED lighting technology makes for an innovative and exciting substitute for the outdated chalkboard. SCRIBOs offer a unique and striking way of promoting your brand or business through its LED writing board and easy display.

Customers will immediately be drawn to the offers your business is advertising as a direct result of the SCRIBO’s LED writing board. This easy to use and pocket friendly product has the potential to increase your businesses’ customer base through bright and personalised display. All of this makes the SCRIBO an excellent sales boosting tool. The SCRIBO writing board is available in various different forms depending on what you require including framed, counter-top and wall hung. It is a brilliant tool for pushing your businesses visibility and awareness. SCRIBOs offer creativity, personalisation and an easy way to exhibit information; they allow you to build a close and special relationship with your customers through its re-writable neon display.

The simplicity of this product is what makes it so effective; where chalkboards can be difficult to clean and write on, SCRIBO boards are easy use and wipe down, thus providing your business with a versatile and adaptable means of promotions and advertising. All in all, SCRIBO boards have the potential to majorly benefit your brand or business through eye catching, modern and personalised signage.

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