australia, china, dominican republic, england, france, hong kong, jamaica, cancun, cancun again, niagara falls, new jersey, philippines, san francisco, sweden, usa again, vancouver, vancouver again all in the last 12 months.

it has been a huge challenge to keep up with updates and i can't believe its a year since i last shared work with the community... i have in storage weddings and commercials that were shots/complete/delivered months, + even years (GASP) past that i haven't made public, so i figured id break the trend today.

i sincerely THANK you for the warm praises and how my work inspires them, but i really have to give a HUGE thanks to those who immediately report to me when my work gets stolen time and (unfortunately) time again.

you may recognize sameer+priya from their classic love story here.

hindu wedding films have been made rampant in our industry in these past years, and while i have shot my share of them in the past…. i'll be the first to admit that i always had my own dreams, own ideas and own vision of how i saw them through my eyes, my way.

3 days, 30 hours of footage + a million hours of post production later … here it is in full myw immersion, culture, exhaustion, storytelling, style + cinema.

seryn-our love used with permission; thank you

*EDIT* im going to revisit this post in a few days as i've been getting emails how i even began to put something like this together.

a quick shout-out to all budding entrepreneurs out to learn from those who have succeeded, i found this Forbes article featuring Priya's father an interesting and awesome read.

TECHNICAL + PRODUCTION TIDBITS for my industry friends and colleagues.

our love // seryn used with permission. thank you

shot with boy wonder/mark klassen, and my mentor-ee/student/friend greg lassik offer his generous help+equipment

cameras used:
- 3 Canon 5dmkii's
- 2 Canon 7ds
- 24p

COLOR CORRECTION was via combination of fcp rgb balance, 2-way + 3-way colour corrector + newbluefx + modified mb filters.
- custom ultra flat profiles mated for glass (zeiss/canon)
- modified technicolor cinestyle profiles (zeiss/canon) - nicely extends dynamic range in lower light conditions, but the image requires a very strong understanding of colour theory and cleanup ability to make the image feel warm and rich in tone, color and contrast.

as i shared at when teaching at adobe (sanFran), university of sydney, boracay philipnes last year, matching shots takes work but even the most challenging shots can be matched provided you understand what you are looking for and looking at.


-zeiss 35/2 zf

-zeiss 50 1.4 zf -brideal preps workhorse

-zeiss 21/2.8 zf - steadicam lens :)

-zeiss makro 100/2
-canon 50/1.2 L

-canon 24/1.4 L II


-cinevate atlas 30

-manfrotto monopod 561hdv

-kessler kc-8 this crane is AWESOME - quick and fast setup for amazing shots.
-steadicam flyer + cinevate cage

-additional stabilization in post provided my grateful sponsor NEWBLUE FX stabilizer. it is quicker, faster, more intuitive to use and more cost effective then all the competitors in the image stabilization software market.

sameer+priya if you are reading this… vacations and visits at my house and your house one day. love you two kids and thank you.

please watch, enjoy + share.

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twitter - michaelywong

if you would like to share films; feel free to add me as a contact on vimeo.


adobe HQ - san francisco; usa // bay area videographers association // oct 2012

boracay; philipines // mayad academy //july 2012

myw is honoured to share the stage alongside some of Philippines top event/broadcast talent

university of sydney; australia // exposed down under // july 2012

myw returns to Australia for the first time in 2 years as the lead educator for this annual event

south carolina USA // infocus // jan 2012

*thank you to my friends, colleagues + students alike for the wonderful reception given to me*

honolulu hawaii USA // filmfoundry // feb 2011

miami florida USA // ray roman workshop // june 2010

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