Have you ever aspired to be a Bond villain, but just weren't sure how to get started? A pair of optimistic ne'er do wells attempt to steal a nuclear warhead from the parking lot of an Air Force Base.

This short film combines my interests in James Bond, Military technology, parking lots, and the desire to take over the world. The ending is taken from my experiences as a skateboarder.

Starring: Andrew Shenk and Alex Scully
Editing: Kris Peck
Props: Tom Adelmann
Storyboard and Photos: Kris Peck
Camera: Kris and Alex used a Canon Rebel t3i
Extras: Rode Shotgun Mic and Fader ND filter
Post: Final Cut Pro X

Dummy Warhead is a project for Mr. Chadwick's Production II course at the Colorado Film School.
March 2013

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