Today’s rush for consumerist salvation,
focus on efficiencies and systems coupled
with a deliberate effort to dissuade from
thoughtful debate.

This is my first project where I learnt animation from Mr. Gaurav Juyal and created this with him.
Thank you so much for the gift of animation!

Technique - Mixed media - strata cut clay and ink on glass.

Music by - Sagar Kapoor

Life is a circle, an endless loop we try to decipher every single day of our lives.
It’s a battle with the pace, it’s the bout of the soul, and it’s the raging mystery of our continuous
evolution, even when it all feels like a lab rat existence many times. We go through the motions,
sometimes spend way too much time thinking, sometimes don’t have the time to think and we are
only indulging in doing. We get busy, The core problem is finding/not finding meaning in this infinite
loop of choices, exploration and findings, the day dawns and later the sun goes down, we get
weary and go in search of our metaphorical daily bread. We seek rest and solace through sleep.
In the middle we enjoy the run, the sheer thrill of it, basking in life, love, glory, pain as it happens to
us along the way, when we plan and act and stop and start again. And the course repeats itself.
Experiences can be wonderful, enriching or horrid. Life is a beautiful blend of all of this. It’s a
vibrant montage of emotion. It could get mundane, running around, but happiness is a practice,
sooner or later we need to understand that we should not expect too much from a day in a life. It
could all go beyond us in our waking lives or our dreams when we merge them to deliberate outcomes.
That’s what a foolish hungry soul who craves adventure , freedom and joy tries to find while its
caught up in the rut/system, but occasionally remembers to take a look at how far it has come
and how far it could go from here with embracing risk and stepping on boundaries along with a lot
of work it is prepared to do for the cause. Set expectation and climb the ladder. Its a continuing
loop of existence and evolution all the way.
Uncertainty, chaos is all part of the game, but that’s where we try to find our balance.
Try to find ourselves amidst the major chaotic universe we are a part of.
Sometimes we question the loop and it is the most intriguing mystery!

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