site specific installation / glass facade projection

project developed during the ARTIST LAB residency program [ august 2012 - january 2013] at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin, presented as a part of reSource Vorspiel 003 Berlin / Transmediale Festival + CTM platform [ 26/01-03/02/13 ]


FORCES BETWEEN PARTICLES transformed PLATOON KUNSTHALLE into a huge projection unit, using its structure and architectural features. the building facade was illuminated with immersive objects inspired by different states of matter, organic liquids and bio-algorithms. the project focuses on artificial structures and macro bodily textures, questioning synthetic and natural as well as relationship between body and architecture. the images pose a contrast to the mighty steal construction of the building, but at the same time they're becoming its integral part.

project supported by ic! Berlin [ ]

sound : Keel Keathley - Miniature III

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