Update: Face-o-mat did travel, so also check out the new video, "Face-o-mat travels the world": vimeo.com/79961180

The social machine out of cardboard creates a humorous interactive experience. It’s an analogue portrait machine with a photo booth principle. The backend of Face-o-mat is covered with reference images to create a facelift. Through the facelift, one can be drawn as an animal hybrid or one can choose to simply get a really nice portrait.
This video shows a summery of Face-o-mat's tour during Stockholm's guerrilla design week 2013.

Face-o-mat is portable and plans to travel different cities, to make people happy. Furthermore, it is possible to change the facelift subject depending on the context, but it has to remain witty, socially critical and fun.

Face-o-mat by:
Tobias Gutmann

Thanks to:
All the Face-o-mat visitors. Without you this project would not be possible!

Video Credits
Camera: Daniel Rossi, Håkon Stensholt, Hugh Frost
Sound design: Markus Eriksson

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