The Underground Fight Club!
Making it as a professional fighter is a grind!

There are hundreds of amateur fighters that have the talent to make it in this sport but simply run out of the time, money and the support system to fulfill their dreams of becoming a professional fighter and making a name for themselves. When it takes 3 to 6 hours of training a day, proper nutrition, and professional fighting instruction and the right support system it's hard to break the code to success in this sport. This is where the Underground Fight Club comes on to the scene and supports amateur fighters.

The Underground Fight Club supports these fighters by:

Putting them in a cage and getting them fight experience, at a top of the line venue
Building an audience to follow them both on and off the internet and on TV
Provide them with film to study and film to market themselves and their brand
Putting them in front of potential sponsors, agents, and established people in the fight game
Providing training and nutrition information
Providing clinics and seminars on different fighting disciplines from professional fighters
Provide fighters a home (Underground Fight Club) to fight at, as they fight for their lives
The Fans!

Our goal is to offer our fans the Best Party in Long Beach with packed entertainment and the enjoyment of an out of the ordinary fight experience with the most heated battles and an out of the box MMA event, plain and simple, The Underground Fight Club!!!

The mission of the Underground Fight Club is to offer our fans an extraordinary and unique MMA event experience while providing underdogs (amateur fighters) with a platform to rise to the top of their sport and make a name for themselves.

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