A brief demo of my compositing work over the past couple years. Breakdown available upon request adam@sagerdigital.com.
Visit me on IMDb imdb.com/name/nm3210577/

| Music |
a splicing of AWOLNATION's "Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix)" and "Sail (Innerpartysystem Remix)"
buy them both here—itunes.apple.com/us/album/re-sail/id515068637

| Featured Projects |
•The Captured Bird (2012) [imdb.com/title/tt2105005/]
•Grimm (TV Series) [imdb.com/title/tt1830617/]
•Virginia (2010) [imdb.com/title/tt1440379/]
•Restless (2011) [imdb.com/title/tt1498569/]
•Nike+ Basketball [nikeinc.com/nike-basketball/news/nike-unveils-revolutionary-nike-experience-for-basketball-and-training-athletes]
•Nike Kobe Adaptation [vimeo.com/33561324]
•Portlandia Rats "Move" (2013) [imdb.com/title/tt2611624/]
•Magic Valley (2011) [imdb.com/title/tt1527813/]
•House of Last Things (2012) [imdb.com/title/tt1464539/]
•Raley's "Tis the Season" [vimeo.com/54484797]
•Topaz Duo: Cosmic Phoenix (2012) [imdb.com/title/tt2267460/]
•The Company of Thieves (2011) [imdb.com/title/tt2057478/]
•The Halloween Kid (2012) [imdb.com/title/tt2099753/]
•Adventure Time " No More Apple Pies" Network ID Bumper
•hoops&yoyo's haunted halloween (TV 2012) [imdb.com/title/tt2416156/]
•Ensure "Game Show" & "Upstairs Neighbor" (2012)
•Jingle All The Way (TV Move) [imdb.com/title/tt2039359/]
•Jingle & Bell's Christmas Star (TV Movie) [imdb.com/title/tt2306587/]
•Portlandia Rats "Book" (2013) [imdb.com/title/tt2611614/]
•Portlandia Rats "Move" (2013) [imdb.com/title/tt2611624/]
•"Sunset" Music Video by Avalanche City [youtube.com/watch?v=Dpdbjg2yed0]
•Woge (A Grimm Retelling) [vimeo.com/52527635]

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