The partners of ID Comms introduce our best practise approach to managing a media agency.

ID Comms is an media management company with offices in London and Singapore. We help brands improve the effectiveness of their investments in media and communications.

We are experts at Media Agency Pitches, Agency Remuneration and Media Management.

Investments in media must be accountable for performance and so measuring the effectiveness of media is critical.

We believe that any measurement of media performance needs to consider more than just the price of media. This is why we are innovating for our clients; identifying more effective ways to evaluate media and benchmark improvements in their media performance. Whilst the price of media is an important factor in any form of communication, the understanding of the value of media cannot be understated.

With better clarity of what success in media means, brands can really unlock the power of media as a business performance driver.

Securing greater transparency in the way media is managed and traded by agencies should be a focus of marketing leaders. Sometimes this requires specialist accounting or auditing skills to properly interrogate trading and set benchmarks for media pricing, quality delivery or transparency.

We work with leading specialists in these disciplines to offer our clients a balanced perspective of their media performance. At ID Comms, no client ever gets a "sausage-machine" one-size-fits-all output, we identify the unique KPIs each of our clients' should focus on and design a simple performance measurement strategy to be used across their marketing teams.

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