For The Evergreen State College program "Nonfiction Media."
Directed, produced, and edited by Naima Noguera.



My piece, "Con Cariño" deals with ideas surrounding historical trauma and how emotions felt in my family lineage relate to me. Sankofa is a West African concept that teaches us that we must go back to our roots in order to go forward. We are taught that our stories are gone, swiped, stolen but they are only buried beneath the surface. They lay within our bodies that do not forget. I have learned that through writing, we can go back and address those secrets that were hidden, even if we don't know them because our healing will affect future generations.

A sound recording of my grandmother is intermixed with a self-narrated voice over reflecting on some of the stories that I know of my Peruvian family. The visual track of this video followed the making of an alter dedicated to the women in my family, shot using a Cannon Rebel T21.

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