The Review of Space Hulk.

Second in a series exploring dungeon-crawl-themed board games, this review goes back to the future to look at the once and future Games Workshop classic.

At a Glance: High quality components, rich atmosphere, easy to learn rules make Space Hulk (in any edition) a must-have for virtually any gamer's collection.

Reviewer's Score: (On the 1-10 scale) 9.0

Designer: Richard Halliwell
Publisher: Games Workshop
Number of Players: 2 (easily adaptable to 3; less easily adaptable to 4+)
Play Time: 45 Minutes

This comprehensive review of Space Hulk (2nd Edition, with mention of 1st Edition and the just announced 3rd Edition) clocks in at just under 30 minutes.

For convenience, viewers should feel free to slide the playhead forward to any of the following subtopics:

03:51 - Overview of Game Components
11:40 - Board Set-Up, Scenario Description
12:33 - Action Points & Command Points
13:16 - The Basic Strategies
13:49 - Converting Blips to Genestealers
17:15 - Marine Shooting and Going on Overwatch
21:35 - Overwatch Activation during Genestealer Turn
23:59 - An Example of Close Combat
24:59 - The Flamer in Action
27:11 - Final Evaluation

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