To encourage the viewer to seize love by comparing it to the beauty, intensity and rarity of a shooting star, which in turn serves as a reminder that love is out there and waiting to be captured.

Concept Breakdown
As a shooting star is a very short period of time, beginning to elaborating on the subliminal aspects of such an event is in itself interesting. In a lot of ways the event of a shooting star is much like love. It’s a beautiful sight to behold, one that entails many emotions in a brief period. One is first excited at seeing this event, they are then in awe before becoming reminiscent and ponderous on the event that just occurred. Seeing a shooting star is rare, much like finding love, however, it’s a moment we all will like to experience. By highlighting these events, we tell the viewer that Love is a natural occurrence, a beautiful moment that should be seized, urging the viewer to find ways of discovering love, leading them to join eHarmony.

Like a shooting star across the sky
Rare beauty in the form of intense light,
Paralyzing you in a seamless stare
Igniting every nerve as the light speeds on.
Awe turns to reminiscence as the light fades
A reminder that love remains to be found
Capture your moment

Special thanks to Joe Dunlap and Robert Morrison Jnr for the vocals and soundtrack respectively.

Also special thanks to Cooper Skinner for sound design (cooperskinner.com/)

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