Public Service Announcement | Art Direction, Concepts, Boards, Animation, Copywriting by Willie Chen; Voice Over by F William Baldwin; Audio from; 3D Models by The Pixel Lab, The3DModels

This is a PSA piece about the safety of nuclear power plants in Taiwan. After the Fukushima disaster in 2011, many countries started to rethink the use of nuclear power. But the Taiwanese government is building the 4th nuclear power plant, and many Taiwanese are concerned about the safety and nuclear waste. Therefore, I want to create a piece that raises the public awareness of nuclear power.

In this video, the collage is the major visual style to present the work, and with the voice over and the background music, the movement of the rhythm is the important factor to give the audience the strong perception of how insistent Taiwanese refuse the construction of the 4th nuclear plant. Also, the infographics provides the easy understanding allowing people to know how dangerous the nuclear power plants are.

For the technical aspect, I have the combination of 2D and 3D, or what we call 2.5D to create the video. The process is to arrange the images and 3D models in Cinema 4D and After Effects with the camera movement. Hopefully this piece will give the audience a basic idea between the safety and the need of nuclear power.

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Acknowledge that proper rights were obtained for any elements that were not created by Willie Chen.

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