Acclaimed Welsh performer and choreographer Eddie Ladd grew up on a farm. Her work draws heavily on her rich Welsh cultural heritage and for Tir Sir Gâr she will respond to the theme of Land through enacting a traditional baptism within the landscape.

Poor Eddie, I think I dunked her 6 times in the freezing water and each time she had to get out and sing!! Saying that Eddie was the lucky one, she got to leave the water during the shot, the Minister had to stay put for most of the filming and must have been freezing by the end; although he didn’t show it.

Like all of the films we shot for Tir Sir Gâr we didn’t have a great deal of time to shoot. I think we completed this film in 4 hours which included a crane shot, rapidly changing light conditions and a visit from Llanpumsaint primary school.

We have been incredibly lucky with the help we received from the local community, and for this shoot I can’t thank everyone enough for the amazing access we were granted to the Ffynnon Henry Chapel

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