This production from visual effects students at the Savannah College of Art and Design was achieved with the cooperation of Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary. The following students were responsible: Anaelisa Aburto, Zimei "Mia" Song, Zhe "Felix" Liu, Liz Feldstein, Andy Hernandez, Jie Meng, Livio Huang, Mark L'Heureux, Ziming Liu, Alex Padgett, Jon Alvord, Ziye Liu, Andrew Pellicer, Lu Chen, Ziqing "Tom" Meng, Rachel Start, Adam Sligar, Alex Corll, Steven Sanders, Rebecca McKee, Adam Koehler, Jacob Ilkka, Pat Manning, Kristen Eggleston, Natalie Greenhill, Heather Kennedy, Jordyn Black, Justin Lynch, Joe Phillips,Cat Soto, Christina Orcutt.
Sound Design: Rachel Blackman, Dawn Lewis, Liam Farmer.
Thank you to Cathy Sakas and Michael Jordan from NOAA Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary
This team was half Graduate and half Under-graduate students instructed by Professor Joe Pasquale
We did this entire production in less than 10 weeks!
Please be sure to attend the Gray's Reef Ocean Film Festival this September at the Lucas Theater, Savannah!

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