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Richie Rich Smashing His Computers Office Space Style
He throws computers out the window. He takes a bat and beats a computer monitor repeatedly. He runs over laptop with a blacked-out Mercedes CLS. He is angry with the world because it takes too long to find a competent limousine company. Seva Man saves the day.

Smash computer rampage rage

Need service?
Seva Call helps consumers find the highest rated professionals in your area. Whether you need help booking a limousine, dentist, plumber or 50+ services, can get you one in less than 90 seconds.

Made by Kyle Joynes and Jason Yahoodain for

Filmed with a Canon t3i. Lenses used: 60mm f/2.8 24mm f/2.8 55-250mm

Special thanks to for supplying the limousine.

first world problems. This kid lives in a house from rich kids of instagram.

Washington, DC start-up looks to viral video approach. Office Space style.

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