Sierra Bender, internationally acclaimed spiritual healer and author of Goddess to the Core®: An Inspired Workout to Maximize Your Fitness, Beauty & Power, has lived a life that reads like an epic adventure. Her mission today: to empower women to face their fears, awaken their female spirit, and redefine fitness, beauty, and power.

Miraculously surviving a ruptured uterus at age 32, Sierra began an odyssey in search of higher understandings of healing that took her to the four corners of the world. By the end of her 10 year journey, Sierra had absorbed the collective teachings of the world’s sages and tapped into her core...her feminine essence, the goddess, directly at odds with the popular notion that success for a woman means walking in a man’s shoes.

Sierra’s holistic belief system, today, is a synthesis of this accumulated knowledge. All of her work, including Boot Camp for Goddesses® for adults and teens, is built around her 4 Body Fit® philosophy: To be a truly powerful woman you have to be more than physically fit. All four bodies—spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical— need to be integrated and aligned.

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