Found footage assignment. March 2013.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the material. All rights reserved for the respective artists/owners.

What is the connection between the Arab Spring and the Arab Hip Hop movement starting with DAM in 1999? How powerful is our Arab youth? And how can we understand Nasser's speech from 1958 upon the unity with Syria now in 2013?

Video Sources:
1. Wust el Balad - Fi Kol Share3 fi Bladi في كل شارع في بلادي - Demonstrations from Egypt:
2. Green Revolution الثورة الخضراء, Palestinian Hip Hop:
3.Intifada Cuts:

Sound Sources:
1. The Zone Preview (extract 1) by Basel Abbas (edited):
2. Chanting from Hama, Syria, July 2012:
3. J. Robert Oppenheimer - "Now I am become death, the destroyer of the worlds":
4. DAM - Mukadime (Intro) - from the Album "Dedication":

All rights reserved to the respective artists/owners.

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