The Step + Repeat Series are audio and video based site specific
installations, projections, performances, and soundscape projects. The
visualizations and sonifications are unique sequences made using a range
of performancebased software in which the content and documents (digital
photographs, video and audio) are fed live and manipulated in real-time.

Concept and Development:
Background Premise:
This project references a range of
childhood memories and is an image
that stuck with me through to my
recent visit to Chile.
A “Chan-cha” (which means “female pig”
in English) is a low-tech wooden cart
usually rolling on old marine motor
bearings acquired from trash bins near
the main port district in Valparaiso.
They are used in farmers’ markets,
fish markets, construction, flea
markets and by street venders to carry
loads through the streets to and from
destinations and are still in use. In
this capacity, they are actually
called carratons, which means
“carrying-cart.” The alternative use,
the one I remember most from my early
childhood in Chile and where it got
its nickname, “Chan-cha” or “pig” is
Media Files Available:
Online streaming video archive available: click here
(approximtely 3 minutes in duration) this video is a high
quality Mp4 video stream: quicktime 7 and a broadband
connection is recommended.
Installation Specifications: Variable
that of a racing cart, which kids
would build using scrap wood and rusty
nails to “slide” at amazing speeds
down the steep inclines of
Valparaiso’s cerro (working class)
neighborhoods overlooking the main
port. In my family’s case, El Cerro
Cordillera. In my most recent visit, I
became very fascinated with the
continued use of these carts and spent
considerable time photographing them
in action in both the utilitarian and
recreational capacities. I began to
draw parallels with maritime-based
works like that of Allen Sekula’s
”Fish Story” which focused on the
changes in the working environment in
the face of a global economy.

Max/MSP/Jitter, Abelton Live, Isadora, and Others-Variable depending on
scale (project specific)
See Archive for a range of past productions.
Variable depending on scale

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