Fostering Change grew from 'Choice Point' - a film about personal and global transformational change pioneered by Harry Massey, who founded the wider Choice Point movement. The feature-length documentary film features some of the world's leading thinkers, philosophers, philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, and pioneers of social change - which include Sir Richard Branson, James Caan, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jack Canfield and Scilla Elworthy - among many others.

Jodi Orton appears in Choice Point as one of the film's 'agents of change' because of her own story of transformational change and the positive impact the change has had on other people. Born and raised on a farm in New Jersey, Jodi trained in the world of nursing and later law, working her way up through the Maricopa County Bar to become a senior paralegal working in Arizona. While Jodi's aim was always to help others through her work, with legal and moral power came money, and her priorities became clouded by the six-figure lifestyle she had become accustomed to. It took her husband's loss of his job to make her realise that money and material was not what truly mattered in her world.

Jodi found in her 20's that she could not bear children of her own. She made the life-changing decision to adopt two Russian children in the aftermath of the fall of communism in the 90's, and this later led her down the road of foster care back at home. However, for years she fought a conflict between that of being a busy paralegal and a full time mother. Jodi found that for the sake of her ever-growing foster family, all of whom had special needs, her career had to give way to the growing needs of her children.

Once Jodi reached this 'choice point' in her life, however, she was able to move forward with a new sense of purpose and ultimately happiness. Finally at one with herself, Jodi was able to thrive in her role as a mother. She and her husband Bret began opening their home to emergency care children, and quickly built up a reputation as a successful foster partnership from which over 100 children have now benefitted. Moving to a serene nature reserve property in Missouri, the Ortons continue to foster children for the state, as well as bringing up their own colourful foster and adoptive family of 9 children.

Fostering Change documents the story of Jodi Orton and her often turbulent path to happiness. It aims to be a thought-provoking story which looks at the lure of wealth and personal gain in modern society, pitted against the needs of the thousands of children in foster care across America. On a broader scale it looks at the modern day themes of greed, wealth, waste and disadvantage. Filmed in the Autumn of 2011 over a week, the film depicts the Ortons' world by spending a week in their lives. It captures some heart-warming moments with the Orton children, and is filmed against the beautiful backdrop of Missouri's lakeland scenery.

We are delighted to announce that Jodi Orton: Fostering Change is being shown at the Kansas City Film Fest 2013 and at the Lifetree Film Festival 2013 in Colorado in April.

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