INT. LIFE is a micro video, exploring the strange, and visually stunning world of highly-viscous fluids.

The raw material's impact with liquids in various consistencies absorbs us to a gripping, vivid world which the human eye cannot normally see, and can only define as abstract.

The aesthetic created with the complex movements is staged carefully, yet finds its own life once an impact occurs between materials. When each material reacts to its surroundings, the viewer is left to observe a form of life. A natural narrative.

The sound is designed to bring the viewer to an unexpected cognitive connection with the story. It is familiar, yet undefined. Emotional, yet unknown.

Live performance at gallery, Bethnal Green, London. Exhibition of videos and stills for the following two weeks. Thursday, November 7, 2013

Directed by Amnon Ron, Art Diection/Production by Madeline Fishman, Cinematography by Tristan Copley Smith, Sound Design Zemer Altitzer

© Copyright Amnon Ron

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