In 2014 we will give you a rare inside look in one of the most extreme adventure races in the world, the Iditarod trail invitational. We will be filming a documentary on a once-in-a-lifetime experience: a tough journey of almost 1800 kilometres through nothing but snow and ice. A struggle revolving around camaraderie, survival and people with a story to tell. This documentary will pose the ultimate challenge to the athletes and our film crew.

Our objective: To convey our experiences and perspective through images at international outdoor film festivals. In this documentary we will show the real motivations of these adventurers. Are they in fact ‘extreme’ people? The preparation, the training: we will cover it all. It will give viewers a unique insight into the lives of athletes. They will feel the cold and loneliness radiating from the screen.

This teaser trailer was based on true 1925 events and tells the short story of the beginning of the world famous dogsled race The Iditarod and was filmed in Iceland march 2013.
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Camera : Sony FS700.
First time with the FS700 and we did not had time to do test shots or make custom picture profiles.
Lenses used : 18-100 kittens, Canon 70-200mm, Canon 14mm & Metabones adapter.
Edit in FCPX, cropped to 2:66 format
Some CG in FCPX, Looks and Colorista II

Weather conditions were real bad, dark and gray. We planed the shoot in three days and all days we had bad luck. 1st day we had visibility of about 3 meters and had a hard time getting up in the mountains with our big tire jeeps. No wide shots with the dogs in the Mountains could be made (Yes we were in the mountains)

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