GAP's latest episode of Whistle Where You Work focuses on the status of whistleblowing in the Czech Republic. GAP has been working with Czech nonprofits and the American Embassy to raise awareness of whistleblower and general accountability practices in that country. In late January, GAP co-sponsored a conference in Prague aimed at bringing together whistleblowers, representatives from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and journalists to explain how the GAP model of whistleblower protection works, and how disclosures typically unfold in the United States. The conference was a tremendous success, and GAP was invited back in March to speak at another event focusing on 'new media' techniques that NGOs can utilize to effectively spread messages and enact social change. The first segment analyzes GAP's findings about Czech whistleblowers.

The second segment features an interview with noted Czech whistleblower Libor Michalek, the former head of the State Environment Fund who blew the whistle on corruption at the ministry, leading to the resignation of the Environment Minister -- the equivalent of an American Cabinet position. Michalek is considered to be the most important whistleblower in the history of the young country.

In the last segment, GAP speaks with Czech journalist Marek Svehla about perceptions of whistleblowers in the country, and about the role of the media in promoting government accountability. Svehla is a visiting Fulbright Scholar who is an editor with one of the country's leading publications -- Respekt.

This episode was filmed May, 2011.

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