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Vintage news reels captured a world that looks both familiar and foreign. 100 years ago, film and motion pictures were in their infancy. The online historical archives of British Pathé contain countless news reel films covering war, tragedies, accidents and other historic events. Some of these reports document the last moments of peoples lives. The camera does not lie. Life can be both beautiful and horrible...and sometimes these extremes intermingle in a split second.

I was struck emotionally by the unflinching honesty and visceral nature of the footage. I wanted to encapsulate that feeling and created this edit to convey it. Be warned, some of the footage is disturbing and graphic...it's not for everyone.

To learn more about the events depicted in this edit...please visit:

edit by Vashi Nedomansky
footage by British Pathé
music by Jimi Hendrix and Muse. remix by DJ Johnny Red

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