The lame duck session of Congress is quickly drawing to a close and it's time to decide -
Should the richest 2% contribute to a deficit their tax cuts helped create?

The Bush tax cuts are set to expire on December 31st and the Republicans are holding middle class tax cuts and tax credits hostage in effort to extend tax cuts for the rich. And it doesn't stop there.

Featuring Frank Clemente of Americans for Tax Fairness

The 'fiscal cliff' includes painful cuts under sequestration to middle class priorities that include education, law enforcement, and public infrastructure - all of which will greatly impact state budgets. As well, if Congress attempts further cuts without asking the wealthy to pay their fair share, Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare could be on the chopping block. Join us to learn how you can become part of the fight to put the nation back on track, and have Americans who have prospered pay their fair share.

Frank Clemente
Campaign Manager
Americans for Tax Fairness

Moderated by:
Marya Stark
Co-Founder & Board Member
Emerge America

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