Originally posted on 12.4.2008 on Youtube - no changes except some typos corrected

This teaser gives you a brief overview of our latest virtual reality product called *Learning Lab Earth*

Enjoy...and ponder...

Here is a short quote from Baltasar Gracian (1601-1658) which might be somehow related :

*Nicht alle, die etwas zu sehen glauben, haben die Augen offen, und nicht alle, die um sich blicken, erkennen auch, was um sie herum und mit ihnen geschieht.
Einige fangen erst an zu sehen, wenn nichts mehr zu sehen da ist. Erst wenn sie Haus und Hof zugrunde gerichtet haben, beginnen sie, umsichtige Menschen zu werden. Zu spät hinter die Dinge zu kommen, dient nicht zur Abhilfe, wohl aber zur Betrübnis*

*Not all who think they see something have their eyes open, and not all who look about know what is happening around them and with themselves. Some only begin to see when there is nothing left to see anymore. Only after they have already brought their house and home down around them do they start to become sensible people. Seeing how things are too late brings no remedy only sorrow*

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