Directed and Choreographed by Samantha Shay and Sam Szabo
Original Concept by Samantha Shay, Sandy Simona, and Sam Szabo
Lighting Design by Daniel Norman
Costume Design by Amy Millan-Johnson and Samantha Shay
Sound Design by Samantha Shay and Sam Szabo
Music performed by Izela Collective: Lauren Baba, Rusty Kennedy, Max Kutner, Ryan Parrish, Sean Woodman, and Greg Zilboorg.
Produced by Julie Dietz, Samantha Shay, Sam Szabo, and Brittany Woodford.
Performed by Rachael Caselli, James Cowan, Miles Hartfelder, Kaiso Hill, Brittany Lau, Keenan Reilly, Sadie Schwolsky, Sandy Simona, Emily Spalding, and Sam Szabo.
Filmed by Travers Jacobs and Victoria Sendra

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