Pien Penashue
Translated by Martha Hurley

When I play the drum I sing and it lets me know where the caribou are located. Whenever, my grand-children wants to go hunting, I would tell them where the caribou herd are going to be before they go on the caribou hunt. I give them few tips before they go caribou hunting and I would tell them not to kill the female caribou who are having the young ones. First, they have to aim to kill the male caribou. I explained to my grandchildren that when the see the caribou, the male caribou is always at the end of the line. For instance, it is always the male caribou who provides the food for all of us. Afterwards, we would hear back from the hunters, and they would send us back the message to say that they have killed 10 or more caribou. Pien chuckles and says, "See what I told you?. The hunters would say to their grandfather. "How did you know that? " They were surprised from all of what their grand-father said. Pien says, "I have already seen where the caribou are going to be and what was going to happen with the hunt."

See, see what happened I said. They believed me because it was true and they asked how I knew and my reply was because of my experience of dealing with the animals. And now, where I can't see (blind) and for all that I have killed in the past. All of that my kills have gone to the hunters because I can't hunt at all because I am blind. Today, and my vision has gone to the animals in a sense as the animals watched me, when I use to be able to hunt. The animals use to watch me when I use to hunt, I always brought back an animal, so did my relatives and my uncle's . This is how it really is.

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