The 'UandI' Project is about capturing a unique moment and space from a diverse and multi-cultural selection of subjects & families in the 21st century.

This is the first video, produced with the fantastic help of Millennium TV showing my complete the live sitting with the Campbell family in South London.

The mission for the series is a bold one. So far I have approached several couples and families to feature all within London, but my goal for the project is for it to represent, more over document families from around the world or from at least 3 different continents, Exploring diversity and the cultural routes that exist within London and beyond. There is no reason why vision this couldn’t be realised.

The result would be show that encapsulates people in our modern era, within the space we call “home”, however grand, humble or spiritual a place that may be.

The final vision for 'UandI' is to that push the boundaries of creativity, documentary filmmaking and display of artwork. Using traditional techniques mixed with modern up to date technological platforms, this will engage artists, the public, young people and the upper echelons of the art world, highlighting and celebrating the family unit, and in turn redefining what the family is to us as people in the 21st century.

To get involved in "UandI" and to be considered as a potential subject please contact

Look out for more follow up videos about the project and be sure check out Millennium TV


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