As people have been saying nice things about my videos I thought i'd upload this video I made earlier this year for Kleptonite, the criminally underlooked Miss Cyberpink mashup 'Strangeword' which is Depeche Mode's 'Strangelove' vs Cameo's 'Word Up' - on paper an odd combination but works so well in reality.

Kind of a hard one to do, in recent videos like Push Groove I've gone back to traditional AvsB videos to experiment with having limited footage which made this hard to do, but it's easy to add films and extra footage to make it work - much harder to try and work with what you've got. I think this works pretty well.

This would be up on YouTube but like the Push Groove which just got banned off YT (thanks UMG too!) WMG is playing hard ball with mashup videos on there still - just like my old Neon Neon / Depeche Mode / LaTour mashup isn't on there for the same reason. Maybe Depeche Mode don't like fan or mashup videos?

And as ever you can hear more like this (and in fact this tune, it's been playlisted as well as Push Groove which is an exclusive) over at Radio Clash Live or the podcast/blog

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