Nihil Ex Nihilo is based on a science fiction story about botnets, spam and a rebellious computer.

More images and information here:

The installation is built in 3 parts or spaces:

“The transformation”: It’s an audiovisual archive of the moment of SN W8931CGX66E’s mutation. From its original matrix form it becomes a semi-neuronal figure.

“The dialogue”: A digital display (8 giant size sixteen-segment alphanumeric display) shows the data flow between the entity and the network. In this space, we can see and hear in real time the exchange of messages between them. A spam message is received and read, SN W8931CGX66E reacts by generating a reply. Its e-mail algorithmic generator creates these messages.

“The monologue”: It’s a sound recording where we can hear a monologue of SN W8931CGX66E. In this document we can perceive that its degree of delirium is very persistent since its transformation.

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