NYU ITP Spatial Media class Midterm project

_instructed by Brett Renfer / Jeff Crouse
_created by Jess Jiyoung Jung / Ju Young Park

Brief (from instructor)

_ A popular NYC fashion magazine is hosting a party to celebrate 2014 New Years’ eve. The event will begin as a cocktail party until midnight; at the stroke of 12 the lights will go out and DJs will perform. An installation is needed for it, which must do something special at exactly midnight and must go into a heightened “party mode” after 12.
The event is being held in a plain, 30’ x 30’ x 30’ room.

So we create a curved wall projection mapping which can be used through all events of the party. For the first event, cocktail party, people can share New Year's resolutions using mobile phone and web app. It will be pop up on the projection wall to celebrate. After countdown, it will be change as an music-sensitive wall for DJ performance and dance party.


_Express JS+Heroku app(Web app)
_Cinema 4D and Open source template(Countdown Video --> from " motionsquared.net/ ")

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