A Video Archive of 1:30 hours of Recorded Step and Repeat Output (Randomized Sequences)

The Step + Repeat Series are audio and video based site specific
installations, projections, performances, and soundscape projects. The
visualizations and sonifications are unique sequences made using a range
of performancebased software in which the content and documents (digital
photographs, video and audio) are fed live and manipulated in real-time.

A live audio and video based
piece using networked media.
Based on digital “step and
repeat” cycles: a loose
metaphor, the Pittsburgh
iteration uses video and audio
samples recorded in
Pittsburgh, PA, and the
surrounding western
Pennsylvania area –with
touchpoints including
Primanti’s, the Strip, the
Southside, East Liberty, the
Northside, Beaver Falls, Jones
& McLaughlin, the Monongahela
Incline and Pittsburgh’s three
rivers.Divided into into six
primary segments and a seventh
segment including material
contributed by viewers to be
filtered through a digital
randomizer, step and repeat:
Pittsburgh cycle maps entrance
into an urban environment via
incline railway, transit
through the city, reflections
of the community’s industrial
past, particularly steel, and
the transformation of city and
countryside as the industrial
economic base shifts and
nature again takes hold of old
worksites. In the last two
segments the viewer leaves the
city, again on incline
railway, and watches as the
evening paints the city as a
visually appealing study of
water and reflection.

Artists and Credits:
Carlos Rosas
Robert Dansby

Extra special thanks and video/photo/content credits to Kary & Rick
Mercer for putting us up (and putting up with us)in the Steel City

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